Masami Akita, also known as Merzbow on electronics, Mats Gustafsson on saxophone and Balazs Pandi on drums; the latter is perhaps least known. He is from Hungary, but in recent years he played quite a bit with Merzbow, resulting in five releases so far. He seems quite a catch for the noise of Merzbow, or in this case for both Merzbow and Gustafsson. This is one furious loud record, with Pandi Keeping up the beats to quite some speed and the other two mingling electronics and saxophone playing together in a great way. It bounces around in a great way, and is best enjoyed when played at a loud volume - obviously, I'd say. It's a total free jazz/free noise festival going on here, almost, at times, in a grindcore way, especially on the second side. We know Masami can play the drums as well but it suits him well to have Pandi on board and bring out the metal influences out more in this particular brand of noise